20 May 2008

They Work for Us

I wrote to my MP, Mark Hendrick, Preston about the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill after he was cited in the local evening paper as stating that he would abstain on the third reading if the controversial elements went through. My letter to him urged him to oppose the retention of the clause to consider the need for a Father and for him to support the Governments proposal to consider 'supportive parenting'. I also asked him to oppose any any attempts to restrict a womans right to abortion.

I received a reply saying that he had voted in favour of the bill at it's second reading on 12 May "having considered the issues including the points that [you] raised in your e-mail". Last night he voted against the use of hybrid-embryos but then voted with Brown on saviour siblings but against on other amendments. I know it's a 'free vote' but Gordon did urge Labour party members to support the clauses and Mark rarely ever rebels. But then a number of Labour MPs seemed to be all over the place.

I will be watching the debate closely tomorrow.

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