20 May 2008

Fathers Not Needed!

I am a bit late blogging about this but Craig has been keeping us up to date. As a lesbian mother, you see I have just got in from work as due to the gender pay gap, I have to work extra hours to make sure that I provide adequately for my child - now is that what they meant about the need for a Father. Actually my son is now grown up, well adjusted and has had a richness of role models black, white, male, female, disabled, non-disabled, of all cultures, nationalities, faiths and religions. And I am a Lesbian from Lancashire!

Anyway, the vote was close - the need for a father and a mother was defeated by 292 votes to 217. MPs also opposed a further bid to ensure there is a "father or a male role model" before fertility treatment, by 290 votes to 222. See BBC News for more details.

The abortion debate is currently ongoing.

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