13 May 2008

HFEB Need for a Father Clause Amendments Published

Mark Simmonds (Tory - Boston and Skegness) and Andrew Lansley (Tory - South Cambridgeshire) have introduced and amendment to the 'need to consider supportive parenting' which would add 'and a father or male role model'. Note it does not state positive male role model!

Iain Duncan Smith (Tory - Chingford and Woodford Green), David Taylor (Labour - North West Leicestershire), Claire Curtis-Thomas (Labour - Crosby), John Gummer (Tory - Suffolk Coastal), Michael Ancram (Tory - Devizes), Geraldine Smith (Labour - Morecombe and Lunesdale), Gerald Howarth (Tory - Aldershot) have submitted an amendment to retain the Father clause, add Mother and delete supportive parenting. Thereby, justifying discrimination against lesbians and single women and obviously the need for a Father and Mother is consider to be better for the welfare of a child than having supportive parents!

It should be noted that Claire Curtis-Thomas has absented herself from the majority of votes on gay equality in the past. Geraldine Smith votes against equal age of consent and against the Equality Act (sexual orientation) regualations. She was abent from most over votes on gay equality including the repeal of section 28 and adoption.

Write to your MP NOW asking them NOT to support these amendments at www.writetothem.com

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