25 May 2008

In Gods Name

The Evangelical Alliance (EA) response to the HFEB votes is contained in a letter on their website entitled Vulnerable lose protection as public opinion is ignored. Carmel Christian Centre is an affiliate to the EA and was featured in the Dispatches programme - 'In Gods Name' which Craig has blogged about in detail. The Carmel Christian Centre was very disturbing frightening children that they might be turned into pillars of salts or that snakes would come for them. Also teaching them that the world is 6000 to 10000 years old. Well thats okay in biblical terms but the children should be given both the biblical interpretation of evolution as well as the scientific interpretation. It probably suggests why both the headmaster and Andrea Minichiello Williams who is a barrister connected to the Lawyers Christian Fellowship (LCF) were unable to enter into a reasoned debate. Andrea Williams is active in Christian Concern for our Nation (ccfon) -obviously though the nation does not include LGBT people and women who choose or need an abortion. The views expressed are not very Christian to me - Definition of Christian - 1. Pertaining to Christ or his religion; as, Christian people. 2. Characteristic of Christian people; civilized; kind; kindly; gentle; beneficent.

Read Christian Voice's response to 'In Gods Name' here. Stephen Green says "I gave Modell consent for the later interviews, but I am startled now both at his duplicity and his shallowness. He gradually worms his way in, and appears to be all understanding and obsequiously courteous, until he has all the material he wants. Then he turns unpleasant and stabs people in the back. His treatment of Sam Solomon, whom he filmed on the strict understanding that consent to transmission had not been given, then broke his word, not caring whether he was putting the man's life in danger, was a case in point. Modell in my view is not a man to be trusted."

To me Stephen could be here describing his own brand of christianity which preys on the vulnerable and the lonely. In the film, he did turn unpleasant and stabs any person who does not share his beliefs in the back. A classic example was the incident with the bird poo - it's just one of those things that happens. What is the point of getting angry and accusing someone of ridiculing you. Sam Solomons identity was not revealed and the views expressed were tantamount to islamaphobia.

Remember Christian Voice is also the organisation that set up the unofficial true vision website .
This website lures lgbt people into thinking they are reporting a homophobic or transphobic incident to the police when in fact you will find that it is propoganda stating that the homo / transphobic hate crime policies are putting freedom of religious expression at risk and are an attck on evangelical christianity. The official website to if you have suffered a homo / trans phobic hate crime is TRUE VISION.

Christian Voice also has links to a number of organisations to do with sexual healing. These seek to help people come out of homosexuality. Stephen Green has escaped prosecution once for his homophobic views in his book 'The Sexual Dead End'.

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Craig Nelson said...

You were very quick with this...

This is (as usual) a very perceptive article.

I particularly like your reference to the modus operandi of Christian Voice worming their way in and gaining people's trust.

As these groups become more and more politicised they are a real challenge to any of us that believe in the prinicples of human rights and non-discrimination.

The key for me is to get evangelicals and other religious groupings (whatever their theological positions on 'homosexuality') to make clear their commitment to discrimination law covering sexual orientation and to distance themselves from these cancerous religious right groups importing tactics from the US and connecting with the Tory OArty at the highest level.