5 Sep 2009

Mapping LGBT Rights and Protection

The ‘Rainbow Europe’ map has been produced by Ilga-Europe and reflects the legal situation for lgbt people in Europe such as protection from discrimination, recognition of LGB families and parenting rights, inclusion of sexual orientation in hate speech/crime legislation. The map also highlights areas of ‘Rainbow Europe’ where there is still criminalisation of consenting same-sex acts, unequal age of consent and where Pride events have been banned during the last 10 years.

  • 2 countries’ constitutions refers to sexual orientation in their anti-discrimination provisions
  • 13 countries and 1 territory bans sexual orientation in employment
  • 25 countries and 5 territories ban sexual orientation discrimination in employment, access to good and services
  • 15 countries refer to sexual orientation in hate speech/crime legislation
  • 5 countries allow same-sex partners to marry
  • 13 countries and 2 territories allow same-sex partners to register their partnerships
  • 13 countries recognise cohabitation of same-sex partners
  • 9 countries entitle same-sex partners to apply for joint adoption
  • 11 countries allow second partners adoption
  • 10 countries provide fertility treatment for lesbian couples

Areas of discrimination and inequality:

  • 2 countries and 3 territories still have unequal age consent for consenting sexual acts between adult men
  • 1 territory still criminalises consenting sexual acts between adult men
  • 8 countries banned LGBT public events during the last 10 years
The Rainbow Europe map can be downloaded here.

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