5 Sep 2009

Budapest Pride Rising Up for Diversity and Human Rights

Budapest Pride takes place today and solidarity goes to all who are attending. UK Gay News has reported that thirteen Embassies, including the UK representing countries on four continents, have issued a joint statement supporting Budapest Pride due to the protests that are expected. Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) which is at the forefront of the homophobic protests working with other far right extremists is gaining ground and had three MEPs elected earlier this year.
Ilga-Europe has sent a messages of support to the organisers of Budapest Pride and will be formally represented at the event.
I was at Budapest Pride in 2007 and experience first hand the violence from the far right who through fire bombs, eggs, glass bottles filled with sand and excrement at us. That year the police were not prepared for the trouble. This year, they have said that they will provide better protection.
The photo above is from Budapest Pride in 2007.

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