5 Sep 2009

Call to boycott HSBC Bank

There have been reports that HSBC Bank has been homophobic to an openly gay employee from Bangalore who has been an activist in India homophobically. HSBC is an international bank that claims to be the world's largest bank catering to every individual's needs but it is claimed not in the case of this gay person in India who has suffered harassment and intimidation.

Activists in India are sending out an appeal to to boycott HSBC Bank. They are asking people to hit back where it hurts the bank most - deny them the privilege to handle your money.

Here is what you can do:

>Close your savings and current accounts with the HSBC bank and move it to another bank that knows how to respect LGBTI persons
>If you have taken loans from HSBC, renegotiate these loans with another bank and move it to them.
>Return your HSBC Credit cards
>Do not let HSBC manage your assets or your investment portfolio.

Please spread this request to all your LGBTI networks and groups, and to all supporters.

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