7 Sep 2009

Leave him alone

Well Michael Jackson has finally been buried. He has had so many funeral services, it is as if it is to make sure he is dead and that he was not going to rise. There are so many rumours about the circumstances around his life, his death, his health just before his death, the cause of his death, drug use - but why don't people just leave him alone. People speculate on whether he would have ever completed his 02 concerts.

We have all seen the video of his rehearsal recorded soon before he died and he looked a bit rusty but pretty fit. So what f he was losing his hair, he was middle aged and used all sorts of preparations, straighteners on it and it had even caught fire once. And as for the drugs, they were all legally prescribed and it is easy to become dependant on the types of drugs he was taking. As for the concerts, we will never know.

His life was thwart with difficulties and so seems his death. But his music has inspired generations, globally and music does make the world go around and is a universal language.

So leave him alone and let Michael Jackson finally rest in peace.


Gay Mafia said...

I wonder if he would have been able to access these "controlled medicines" if he were on welfare and not able to access private doctors? It seems his fame and wealth had a part to play in it all, much like elvis.

Very true in all your points, I agree wholeheartidly. Very sad all round. Poor Michael. People should let him rest now and move on. People didn't know what we had til he was gone.

Louise said...

No he probably would not be able to access the c"controlled" drugs which controlled him. That's the American healthcare system for you. I have managed to get similar drugs on the NHS for conditions that I live with.

I love the NHS because it supposedly provides free healthcare for all but some would say it too is disriminatory in some of its services or lack of services.