15 Jun 2008

UNISON National Delegate Conference

UNISON Conference Season has finally arrived. At the moment service groups conference are being held and no doubt there will be lots of debate at Local Government Conference on pensions and the pay offer. Equalities features highly with motions on the single equality act, public duties, local area agreements and the race equality duty, lgbt rights at work and women in local government.

National Delegate Conference looks interesting with a closed debate on equal pay, a debate on New Labour - what do we get for our money and what is likely to be be a controversial debate around the National Disabled Members Committee's rule amendment to introduce a Branch Disabled Members Officer which is to be opposed by the National LGBT Committee.

Other motions of interest for the National LGBT Committee include our own Making LGBT Equality a Reality and Human Rights are Fundamental. Also Women into Public Life, Organising, Human Rights in Sauda Arabia, Fighting the Far Right and Abortion Rights.

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