26 Jun 2008

2012: Will Sugar say You're Fired to Boris?

Alan Sugar has not ruled out standing for Mayor of London in 2012. The Amstrad chairman and star of The Apprentice speaks to Vanessa Feltz on BBC London 94.9. A Labour Party supporter, he has been called into the office by Gordon Brown on a number of occasions to advise on business issues. Labour’s biggest individual cash donation in 2001 was £200,000 from Sir Alan Sugar.
We know though that he is no advocate for equality with some of the questions that he asks of candidates. Katie Hopkins, was questioned whether she would be able to cope with a job at Amstrad when she had two young children at home in Devon. Hopkins left the show and the TUC said that the Apprentice was sending the wrong signals to employers over the hiring of female staff.
Regardless of what I think about his ethics or his ability to run London, he does have a knack for running a successful business although it is dwindling a bit at the moment. He does have a good team with Margaret and Nick the voices of reason. Boris won not for his politics but the celebrity status and perhaps Alan Sugar would be able to do the same. He is perhaps one of the only suspects who could actually point the finger at Boris and get to say 'You're Fired'.
The fact is that people might say that Alan Sugar is not a serious contender but he has been a life long Labour Party supporter and member and we may start to see another side to him when he gets to discuss real politics. However, with his draconian views on working Mothers and women in the workplace which are bound to be transferred over into the political sphere, I very much doubt he will have my backing.

The Londonist comments. See The Independant 22 March 2008, The Evening Shamstard reports 'Sir Alan Sugar lined up to keep out Ken Livingstone'

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