21 Jun 2008

Arguments for Keeping the 'Blood Ban'?

A survey carried out by the Medical Reasearch Council has found that 40% of Gay Men with undiagnosed HIV infection presume that they were HIV negative. The study also found that risky sexual behaviour was more common among men who were aware of their HIV-positive status than among men who were undiagnosed or HIV negative; even more so in those who had been HIV positive longest.

About 2,700 gay men in the UK were diagnosed with HIV in 2006 - double the number a decade earlier. Theses represent about a third of all new cases that year. The Terence Higgins Trust says funding for prevention work among gay men is under threat and that there is not enough discussion of the issue within the gay community. Will Nutland from THT comments here.

Craig has blogged previously about gay men and blood donation.

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