7 Jun 2008

British Embassy in Warsaw to fly Rainbow flag

Today is Warsaw Pride and the British Embassy is to fly a rainbow flag. Last week the Britsh Embassy in Riga flew a rainbow flag for the Equality March. Read more at Pink News. The Equality March in Riga had been threatened with disruption from the far right and at some stage there was also the possibility that it may have been banned. See here for a letter that has been sent to the authorites in Riga about restrictions on the march. Also in May, Around 200 gay activists marched through Bucharest, Romania in a heavily policed pride parade that defied efforts by religious and far-right groups to have the annual event banned.
This mark of solidarity is very much a result of the FCO's LGBT toolkit and is a symbol of the good work that has been carried out between LGBT stakeholders and the FCO over the past two years.
Warsaw will be host to 2010 Europride.

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