25 Jun 2007

A taste of what's in store?

Only just anointed and Gordon Brown has announced that he is to reduce the power of the unions on Labour Party Conference floor. See BBC News Report for more details. His new deputy Harriet Harman did not get any union nominations. And now she denies having said that the Government should apologise for Iraq during the Newsnight hustings.

This raises concerns already. Before the Deputy Leadership results were out, there was Gordon offering Peter Hain's job to a Liberal Democrat and then he has already given Hazel's job to Harriet.

So what does Mr Brown have up his sleeve? The next week should be very interesting as he appoints to the cabinet. Let's hope that he makes some sensible choices particularly where the runner ups are concerned.

See here for an interesting analysis of the deputy leadership election results which I found as a link from Jons Union Blog.

Pink News reported that LGBT Labour welcomed Brown and Harman however, a PinkNews.co.uk poll of gay Labour party members found that Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain was the first choice of 25% of gay party members. Party chair Hazel Blears took 19% of first preferences, followed by 16% for backbench candidate Jon Cruddas. Harriet Harman polled 15%, Alan Johnson 14% and Hilary Benn 11%. See here for full article.


Andrew said...

Hi, well the argument for unions to give Brown a supporting nomination was on the grounds that we might be able to talk to him and influence him. That plan went well when the first thing on his agenda seems to be to reduce the influence of the Trade Unions in the Party.

Good chat at conference must keep in touch.

Louise said...

LGBT Labour did the same! So wonder what he will do with the affiliates.

Jon Rogers said...

thanks for the hat tip comrade

I think that we need to get organising to stop the marginalisation of the unions!

This will clearly come to be an issue in the forthcoming elections to the National Labour Link Committee within UNISON (at least I hope it will!)