10 Jun 2007

Labour Contenders - policy by policy

See what their views are here on Iraq,Taxation,Labour's Future, Deputy Leader Role, Health and Education. UNISON's preferred candidate Alan Johnson when speaking about Deputy Leader role also wants to be Deputy Prime Minister whilst remaining Education Secretary. He does say that the party should listen to unions like UNISON more. Well after receiving a supporing nomination, he is not going to say differently. He didn't mention CWU though. Whereas Peter Hain, UNISON's second preference, has maintained throughout his campaign the importance of having links with the unions and he wants to concentrate on the job in hand that of Deputy Leader and being the 'umbilical cord between party members and the cabinet'. Thats why he has my first vote.

The contenders have also been quizzed on their LGBT policies by LGBT Labour (The Labour Campaign for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights). Poor Harriet does not appear to mention transgender rights at all but I think this is down to the fact that at the same time they were being quizzed by Stonewall specifically on LGB issues and she got confused. Hazel, Hilary and Peter come across as the more committed. Peter still gets my pink vote and you can read elsewhere on this blog to find out why.

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