6 Jun 2007

Beyond the Barriers

UNISON has taken part in a major new poster campaign called “Beyond the Barriers” to promote disabled people’s rights.

Along with the Disability Rights Commission and Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UNISON’s Policy Development and Campaigns Committee was the third partner in the series of 6 posters.

The posters portray some of the major social policy issues; employment, transport education, health, leisure and the important right to organise as disabled trade unionists.

Two of the posters include UNISON Disabled members talking about their past experiences of discrimination and their expectations for the future.

UNISON branches are being encouraged to get their employers to display sets of the posters as a statement of their commitment to promoting the Disability Equality Duty which came into force in 2006. The posters are also now being produced in postcard format.

Copies can be ordered and downloaded form the DRC

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