27 Jan 2008

In Veglia

I have just moderated a comment on a post last year concerning a student being investigated by police for alleged homophobic abuse that he posted on facebook. The comment led me to the following website In Veglia which I have read with interest and found moving particularly today as I remember many victims of the holocaust, some of who were gay. The plan is that on the 4th April 2008, many Christians will meet in many cities of Italy in vigils of prayer to remember the victims of homophobia and smash the walls of silence and embarassment. The date has been chosen because it is 40 years to the day of the assassination of Martin Luther King and are acting on his belief that any kind of injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Also in April 2007, Matteo a young man from Torrino committed suicide at the age of 16 due to homophobic bullying and discrimination.

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