20 Oct 2007

European Union Transgender and Transsexual Duiscrimination and Inequality Study

Press for Change are carrying out a major research project research project for ILGA and TGEU to document and compare the conditions for trans people across Europe. They need as many trans people as possible across Europe to complete an online survey about their own experiences. The survey is available in 13 different European languages.
PLEASE ask ALL of your TRANS friends, including part-time cross dressers (transvestites), full time cross-dressers, travestie, transgender, transsexual, bi or a-gendered and poly gendered people - and anyone in between to complete this questionnaire, no matter whether they are having medical treatment or not. BUT each person must only complete it ONCE.
People should feel free to use whichever translation of the survey they prefer.
Where some words or phrases may not be the usual ones preferred in a country, please try to tolerate this and still answer the survey questions.
The online survey is available at: http://www.pfc.org.uk/node/1524
Please fill it in as soon as possible.
Any questions email : survey@pfc.org.uk

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