4 Aug 2011

Refounding Labour

Ed Milliband has got some cheek with reducing the powers for trade unions in the Refounding Labour proposals.  I recall a sketch on 'This Week' where Ed was portrayed as Don Corleone after stabbing brother David in the back for the Leadership contest of the Labour Party.   Well Mister Ed, the talking horse, might well find his head cut off by the trade unions and find it in bed beside him! 

Refounding Labour.  Ed sed.  Well to him that's about weakening the trade union grip on the Labour Party.  If it had not been for the trade unions, he would not had been leader. 

Refounding Labour.  Ed sed.  Again about weakening the trade union grip and affiliates.  Did he study the history and founding of the Labour Party including on the party's own website.

And another recommendation is about supporters of labour and they may get a vote about the leadership.  Well they may support Labour but they may never vote labour.

Many trade union members who pay a levy, are individual party members and also members of socialist affiliates just like any member of the the Labour Party and MP is entitled to be.

Ed is just braying to the centre right media and politics and before too long will become donkey.

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