17 Jul 2008

Day 2 of the Strike - Blackpool

I attended the rally in Blackpool today which was a really good turn out despite the pouring rain. It also seemed that less people turned up for work. Yesterday though there was an incident with a picket when she was clipped by a car and the police had to be called. Today a contractor going into the council told us to get a proper job and then when we shouted back at him that we have, he rang the union to complain! You can imagine what was said to him. We got his number as he effed and jeffed at us. The local NUT, UNISON Health Branch came out to support us and as the buses went by, they tooted their support. All in all, the general public were in support but some of the comments in the local paper just show that some people do not have any understanding of the structures of local government.

Views from Blackpool Picket Line

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