9 Dec 2007

Some people are Gay - Get Over It!

Some people are gay. Get over it! Earlier this year Stonewall asked 150 secondary school students to help them come up with a simple and dynamic message to tackle homophobia and homophobic bullying. The result was a powerful range of campaign materials: Some people are gay. Get over it! This message of zero-tolerance to homophobic behaviour has been produced as posters, postcards and stickers, and in November was sent to all 5000 secondary schools in England as part of national Anti-Bullying Week. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of schools asking for more materials. Star of Doctor Who and Torchwood John Barrowman has lent his support to the campaign, urging people to give their support: "Join me in Stonewall's Education for All campaign and help exterminate homophobia. Be bold. Be brave. Be a buddy not a bully." In fact, requests have come in from across the world, with posters being sighted as far away as Austria, Canada, France, Hungary and the U.S.A!

Support Education for All by clicking here and ordering your campaign materials.

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