24 Nov 2007

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (Former Human Tissue and Embryo Bill) - Update on Second Reading

Well we knew it was not going to be a smooth ride. First of all the Bill has now changed it's name to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. At its first reading , concerns were raised about the removal of the clause for a need for a father for women accessing assisted reproduction including remarks that children were not accessories and were gifts from God. Further comments included that the absence of Fathers had resuted in an increase in violence and disorder so the lgbt community must be bringing up some pretty well adjusted kids with our non-traditional families. Gay dads unite!

The second reading of the bill took place earlier last week and again there was heavy criticism and opposition to the removal of the reequirement for clinics to consider "the need of that child for a father" before offering assisted reproduction and access to IVF. In fact Lord Brennan who spoke in the debate collapsed moments after from a heart complaint!

The Catholic church has also condemned the Governments recommendation. In a letter to The Times, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor said the plans were "profoundly wrong" and undermined "the place of the father in a child's life". Sir Stephen Wall wrote an interesting letter in response titled 'Love or Law?' which opens up the debate about faith and equality. Also see comment from Cath Elliot in the Guardian.

The bill can be read here. To follow the debate red here First reading 08/11/07, Second Reading 19/11/07 (1), (2) and 21/11/07

The debate continues.................

See BBC news articles, Peers attack fatherless bid and Church condemns Lesbian IVF Use

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