28 May 2007

Coming Out for Hain

As Craig has already declared his allegiance, it's time I did too. I will be supporting Peter Hain for Deputy Leader because of his history of challenging injustice, his ability to get a job done, his track record of campaigning for human rights and his commitment to equality and the trade union movement. Peter's work in the anti-apartheid movement speaks for itself. He has campaigned about human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and the blood diamond trade. His swift and thorough introduction of the GFS regulations in Northern Ireland is also symbolic of his commitment to injustice. The regulations had minimum exemptions and included specific provision for harassment providing protection for lgb people in good, facilities and services. This paved the way for the rest of the UK. He has now publicly spoken out against the attacks on freedom of assembly in Eastern Europe following the recent abominant events in Moscow. See Pink News.

If his track record and his word is anything to go by, then he will be a great deputy leader and gets my pink vote.

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