4 Apr 2007

Only 2 days to go.....

The Gender Equality Duty comes into force on the 6th April 2007. By my reckoning then we are just 80 years and 2, maybe give or take another 20 days (for leap years) before we close that gender pay gap but obviously thats only if we are white and not disabled. The duty requires all public authorities in England, Wales and Scotland to demonstrate that they are promoting equality for women and men and that they are eliminating sexual discrimination and harassment. Public authorities will be required to produce Gender Equality Schemes. The schemes must be in place by 30th April 2007 in England, in Scotland by 29 June 2007 (with equal pay policy statements in place by 28 September 2007) but Welsh specific duties are not anticipated to be finalised until April 2008. Further details on the duty are available from the EOC website.

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